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Gallery News

Eagle Rock Gallery is pleased to announce our new location at 315 River Parkway in Idaho Falls.  We are right next to Jaliscos Restaurant along the Snake River Greenbelt right by the Falls.  Our new location is spacious and central to hotel row and three major restaurants in the Idaho Falls area.  The Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce is just a stone's throw from our Gallery and we are near where all the tour buses stop.  The Gallery will still host top artists from our area as well as artists from across the country.  We invite you to stop in March 2nd when we officially re-open.  Until then, we can accomodate your needs by appointment!  Just call and set up a time.  We are excited to serve the Idaho Falls community and beyond with fine art.  

Eagle Rock Gallery fine art wishes to thank Senator Risch for the award he gave the Gallery as a veteran owned small business.  On November 7th, 2019, Senator Risch presented an award to the Gallery in Washington that was entered into the Congressional Record.  We, also, were presented with the American Flag that flew over our Nation's Capital on that day.  Very special to meet Senator Risch and his wife and we appreciate the time he spent with us at the Gallery to present us the award.  Also, thank you to his staff who works hard on our behalf each day.  

Senator Risch award presentation 2.jpg
Senator Risch award presentation 1.jpg

Eagle Rock Gallery is pleased to invite you to our first live Gallery Walk of 2020.  The event is Thursday, June 4th from 5-8 pm at our new location at 315 River Parkway in Idaho Falls.  We are right by the Falls in a beautiful setting along the Snake River.  Come enjoy the gift of art, meet some of the artists and remember "art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Picasso

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